Friday, 22 April 2011

No creativity.

I find the whole talent versus development a hard one, you can see some people are creative but just don’t have the talent to produce a final outcome. There’s also the point that some people just use other ideas to produce something creative by tweaking things slightly, or just going with what’s interesting at the moment and being called a genius. I find creative a difficult concept, its so broad and un developed it becomes a cloud of dust that is judged by people who think they know what creativity is and if they don’t agree you become un creative, it relies on the idea of being recognised and praised so creativity becomes a brief rather than a development and production. It also seems that the art of brown nosing plays a large part in 2 sections, by being a pet you get more recognition so it shows that creativity becomes a little easier, secondly by having a pet you allow creativity to be less demanding because of the relationship with the person. I had hoped things like this would be left back in teenage days but it seems you can never escape these situations. It then makes you think is creativity a real substance, or is it just what people wish it to be?

I believe that interesting, unique or new ideas can be and should be labelled as creativity; if they work and become something then surely that’s what creativity is? Too many labels make others feel that something has to be creative especially when talking about forms of art, if an art critic says a piece is creative, most people attempt to act intelligent by agreeing with this....because that’s obviously a smart thing. A great example would be when we had the creative writing people in to give us stories in which we would illustrate scenes to. The whole load of them sounded sooo boring and ridiculous, yet it’s classed as creative writing, this is because of the genre and idea of their development within writing. It’s automatically classed as creative meaning that it will obviously develop into a creative novel or whatever. Yet with art it seems this all relies on the points I made before.

I don’t believe creativity actually exists, more of an idea in how ideas are seductive and interesting, thinking outside of the box is classed as creative, but if you make a clock out of an old shoe instead of going out and buying wood this is thinking outside of the it creative?
There is no real answer, people will never sway fully from what they believe to be creativity and talent, people that see the sun shining out of their arses will always think they’re random and creative and that’s why they love themselves and most of the time...they’re WRONG.
If daddy pays enough for you to look creative, you’ll be conceived as it, it’s a joke.

I wish I was a hell of a lot more creative than I am at this point in time, but every time I think ooo that would be a good idea, I always end up realising its just a development of things that already exist so its more of developing interest than becoming creative.

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