Friday, 22 April 2011

Life changing or career building?

The idea of wanting people or preferring people from a liberal arts background seems to be a bit harsh considering how many games courses have been established within the uk alongside the amount of people who make themselves “game artists” through training and development outside of education. People who intend to do liberal or fine art within education experiment with forms of art i.e. expressionism, surrealism, etc. This will not be helpful for working within a games company; even if the game was looking for a surreal art direction the amount of art licensing would not be so extreme to allow their form of work to be useful. Of course people who have the artistic education background or even people who do it within their own time can be useful and affective artists within the games industry. Illustrators, graphic illustrators etc can be amazingly effective considering concept work; this then brings up issues of modellers for games from these backgrounds.

They may enjoy the artistic side of things but without a part of them wanting to gain the technically skills for 3d, mesh sculpturing and so on its still way too limited considering most concept people are only taking on for a short amount of time, by the looks of industry at the moment as well they’re not short on concept artists but more on modellers, programmers and visual effects people, so why would they want more people who can only do one singular act instead of multiple more effective job roles?

If people like this are willing to learn some technical skills then that’s great for the industry but...that is what we do now, we learn the basic technical skills needed plus develop our art skills. This then makes the argument a bit of a fail, if you want someone with art skills and some technical skill why would you still want someone who has a different art progression that could not be suited to the industry and attempt or even hope they’ll learn the technical skills required when we already do within these courses? IT MAKES NO SENSE!

The issue that may cause a plus note for people outside of the “game” art zone is their Imagineering skills, with not being drawn into the fantasy, sci-fi and non realistic net. You see so many copies and pieces of work that are all the same without any actual thought, were as some of the pieces you may see with people working on their own thoughts and outside of seeing “what’s cool with concepting” can be a lot more effective and great. Actual creativity? (Let’s not go into that)
This could be their selling point to people who come out of education thinking it’s all about monsters, blobs and giant goblins? Of corse these can be effective as well as the realistic stuff but you need variation otherwise you are left in the darkness wondering why people don’t appreciate your work. It most likely will all depend on what the company or studio is expecting their work forces to produce.

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