Friday, 22 April 2011

The industry?

Trying to find the actual big picture is like trying to find big foot, very little is there. I find articles talking about how someone thinks they know how to get a job and the process but you realise after sifting through about 12 pages of mess.....they know less than you. The other option you get is people from industry talking about projects and what their influences is but again, no real information that’s useful to us trying to enter this crazy world.

I’ve only gathered morsels of information over the last few years which still leave me pretty confused on how to go about getting to a point of environment art or modelling. Through university I’ve been able to develop an idea on what I want to do as a job in a subject area, working through character design and development and the same with environment work I have realised environments are where I want to be, I find character modelling personally mundane and boring, some people have a joy and excitement around character modelling but each to their own and even through development these personas grow.
With the attempt for me to become an environment artist or modeller I must now begin to simply concentrate on developing my ability on create more pieces of work to a better standard and even a way of working within this area better than I do at the moment. Currently our course (for me anyways)seems to keep me simply doing the work for our course and not having a real amount of time to get more personal progressive work done, but my summers will. Also having a more open way of working in the third year will have me working mainly on this theory, I need to become a better worker in technique and process and throughout the year this will let me grow into what I want to become rather than just doing work to tick boxes for university. Even the projects seem to distance me from attempting to grow in environment modelling but giving me time to character model, i.e. 2 months to create a character, which I hated on my own and then having to work as a group and not be able to really stretch myself out over a longer period, I would have been happier to make the whole level by myself and not create any character. I can understand 2 points within the course that these become a priority;
1. To see if character modelling can be done and for people who want to character model to show what they are capable of and develop themselves
2. In industry you won’t work on your own on a large project so by working in a group you can see how working with others on a real sized idea is.

The main facts I find online that are usually in articles concerning environment art is that instead of creating a whole environment you’ll be creating certain sections and as a team pulling these resources together to bring it all together smoothly. This is what I need to remember, for my objective in industry I need to know that mainly, I need to be able to blend with other peers work which I feel I was able to do within the group queens project.

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