Friday, 22 April 2011

Go away....GAMES WORK

3d TV’s, kinect, ps move can all go to hell. I hate these new concepts of gameplay and the use they try to imply. I’m bitter towards these uses because they seem to be just a money making scheme with a different idea put forward to the public. Especially 3D THINGS! are already in a 3d we are being re-sold existing ideas?

It does allow more revenue to go into the games industry to keep jobs going with new projects and more developing to get people to realise games don’t kill people, don’t make people kill because there’s a cute lil doggy you can play with because your parents don’t want to get a real one...
It opens up a new idea of gaming to people who would mock us for sitting around a TV with friends have an epic time tea bagging and slapping the crap out of our virtual manliness.
This may seem “immature” to a lot of people but it’s because its not their interest, I don’t care about horses but I’m sure id offend someone by talking about how stupid they are for loving a horse...yes.

I think the companies knew this happens and saw a new way to make some new moola;
HEY, people don’t like sitting there shooting, beating or seeing imaginary things happening in games...they aren’t giving us any of their money.
Well why don’t we get them to do something they do like within an exiting new gizmo, we’ll charge a fortune and they’ll have to give us money.
Wait....most people like to dance and kids love fluffy things
KINECT, we will get them all to be our monkeys.
This sounds right to me, what else would you want to think.
People intend to say that it’s great, it’s moving forward, and it’s broadening the arms of games for people to get hugs from them, for money obviously. I should be happy that ignorant people know play games and actually enjoy themselves but I’m too bitter from the thoughts of the whole “YOUR BODY IS THE CONTROLLER” whispered all over my TV, I played the kinect for half an hour and felt like I had been told to basically give up a part of my life to do something I usually enjoy and hate myself for it.

Kids, adults, men and women have been playing games for years and that seemed to work perfectly with the pad and joysticks, so why make us pay more money for a new gadget that we realllllly don’t need, why not just attempt to open up new genres and studios to create games that give that relaxing enjoyable content? Does the kinect and move actually do this for the new gaming generation? Will it get to the point that we need to remove the controller all together? I hope to god not, this sort of change can kill games, they take it away to show you don’t need them it doesn’t work then they try bringing it back and games die all together. Touch wood...this doesn’t happen.

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