Thursday, 21 April 2011

Game engines....and then some

Don’t really want to talk about the same stuff I did in the same engine blog I done during the first year, so instead I’m going to talk about some of the engines that have popped up and caught the interest of people.
The main one that seems to be crawling out from under the rock is the Unity Engine created by Unity Technologies.

In the last year a lot more developed games our coming to the “android” phones and other hand held tech. It was originally made to work games in to the universe of Mac user’s, meaning it’s most seen and amazed creation was games that could be played on the iphone, I say games but all android and smart phones have games, I mean games on a higher gameplay level. To the general public this wouldn’t have seemed like a major jump in any direction but surprisingly it was. The unity engine outside of handheld systems has been placed within browser games i.e. windows explorer, Mozilla etc. It works rather well here but still seems like it’s no large leap into anything better or new, so why the “hype”?
It seems the major happy place for this engine lies within the love from coders/programmers. Most articles that caress the little engines love lumps you eventually see are written by people who do programming as a job/hobby.
As most things I let it be and assume maybe 3d artists and other areas of the industry hadn’t noticed its capacity yet...but low and behold…I was wrong (well so far I was).
I attended the “game development society” that went downhill very fast, none the less we went in with enthusiasm and open minds. From the off they assumed the role of we know what’s best by denying the use of the unreal engine that has taken over at least 70% of the industries use, clearly this engine doesn’t work…….

I can’t say that the unity engine won’t grow and become a great engine but at present its only real advantage is use of low graphic browser content. For small projects or side scrollers it could be great to use this, but to attack a major demographic I think they need time to grow. They seem to have applied themselves to WiiWare which is fantastic as it works nicely, but it confuses me how they can try to sell an idea that has been around for ages and come away looking like GODS, you can apply 3d minimal graphics on a browser? Yeah, unity allows this. Wow I mean miniclip, newgrounds, gpotato have been doing this for ages but you guys are wow!
Maybe they do have something unique that I can’t see?
Another issue I found is that it seems to crash the browser A LOT, you can get about 5 minutes in to some of the browser games and then it just decides “no, I don’t wana.” Fantastic...this is its major field…what the hell. I asked a few mates too check it out as well see if my pc was being a bit spazzy but no, they all shared the hate and pointlessness.
See for yourself the kind of things they are making with this engine.

Be warned…save anything that would need saving

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