Friday, 22 April 2011

1.0 scratched, 2.0 scratched?

What do I expect of university? What are they for? I can understand they may seem like mundane questions but they answer you’d expect and what you actually get is a very different thing.

They say that university is all about independent learning from you receiving information from lecturers. This in itself is a mist, from what I’ve experienced so far I don’t receive information that I need or it seems a little too late. Each course and subject has its each way of producing information and learning, ours obviously is a little different as to develop you need to be able to have your own process with modelling and even so with painting and drawing.
It’s understandable in art but with technically usefulness you feel you’re not getting anything to help your development, it makes you question what you’re actually paying for. The main uses I see within university is that you get time to develop these skills while not worrying about a job counteracting that time, well most of the time anyways. You also get feedback that you can work with which you will not get outside of education, at least not critical feedback that is useful.

Out of three years of uni I expect myself to be developing myself as an artist and as a 3d modeller, in my first year I didn’t have a clue in where I wanted to be but heading through the second year you get an idea of what’s expected (in some ways) and also you understand more in what your good at and what you’re not. Personally I hate character modelling and design, used to enjoy it through college but now a days I find it painful, I want to be an environment modeller and artist, its enjoyable painting environments and creating a world and its aesthetics rather than people or characters. Having only one year left to see myself develop is quite scary considering how little I feel I’ve accomplished outside of coursework, with a freer learning curve in the third year I feel that I can batter through more experimenting and creating more work from my own ideas. I know most people can say well do it when you’re free but like I keep saying I feel I’m still trying to close down on how I work and methods meaning it takes me most of the time messing around before I slap together working pieces.
I’m looking forward to the freedom I’ll have next year, being able to get away from the box ticking work and being able to kick some ass, the freedom to do what you want is so much more liberating and enjoyable, which it should be. The working in freedom will allow me to more efficiently look back and see mistakes on a larger scale and being able to improve these is what I need. Within coursework I feel that I have to do things a certain way to get the grades rather than develop myself as an artist or 3d modeller, maybe I’m wrong and I’ve just turned work into this situation. Even more wonderful things to think about.
I would always say to people GO TO UNI, even if it’s for the experience and development, its allowed me to progress and change what I do, I may complain and argue against things but it’s still given me the opportunity to get where I am so far and fingers crossed go further.

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