Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Year 2.1 down, onto 2.2

And back we goo.
Well one term down and the Christmas break is about to finish *sniffles*
In once sense it’s good because I have been lazy, no
t so much over the holidays but a little bit towards the end of our last term I did straggle off. I had a few issues but at the end of the day, no one is going to care. I wanted to write this to look back and just put my thoughts on “paper”.
Coming back to uni after the summer was amazing, I felt that I needed to have some kind of guidance after the attempts at working at certain things over the summer, I came back to literally…the first year again. It seemed to be the same stuff as we did when we first arrived here, is this just me thinking that? It’s easy enough to say, “Well practice makes perfect” but surely we should be developing our skill within the course rather than just droning on? I had this conversation with a mate and was
told that I should just do it in my spare time and not to moan, this is valid as hell. I should be pushing more and more this year, but with all the pieces we get from uni and trying to sort out living it becomes a thing sent to the back of your mind. The main annoyance is that when you think about work and projects there is always a two sided argument with yourself that has no valid answer.
Why aren’t we learning more relevant things to do with getti
ng today’s skill and knowledge rather than clearly...past lessons. Surely with that amount of mesh sculpting (zbrushing) in industry today we should have been taught this as a skill? Shouldn’t our “projects” cover more relevant lessons so that we are able to adapt and learn these for industry rather than trying to do the same old stuff and then with any other time (minimal) learn what is TRULY needed?

then comes the counter blow

why aren’t u learning today’s relevant skills in your own time and getting your work done when u need to? Surely you can do your work to get those grades and pass and learn mesh sculpting on the side? Your projects are simply tick box items that you do need to get that degree so it wasn’t a waste. Learning the same bits over n over again is how you improve.

They both are right and wrong…but only in certain people’s eyes. It sends me into a mental spiral when trying to comprehend why we aren’t learning more applicable things in university lectures? It may not seem like it but I do know that uni is meant to leave you to learn things on your own and not be mummy-cuddled, but...if this is correct what’s the point in lectures? Or even the lecturers (sorry lol). If we are simply meant to hand things in and learn on our own…why is attendance important?
To keep an eye on what we are doing, so we aren’t just fucking about and not doing work?
Again it’s a point A point B argument.
I think it makes it a lot worse when you sit in a room with about 6 people who feel EXACTLY the same and are in the same boat.

Is this really work?

I’ve also been feeling lately that the whole “12 minimum” drawings each week for Chris in our visual design section is becoming a rather invalid process, I find myself going out and drawing to use them as reference materials but the fact is…most of the time they’re not used. You can see when people just do em in 5 minutes, don’t actually put the reference in it yet come out with a g
reat piece…this isn’t a skill..It’s just being done for the sake of sakes. We need to do 12 so we do 12, not because it helps. I would rather do 6 half n hour drawings so I improve my skill and take away what I need that do 12 small drawings that I am not proud of. I’ve thrown myself all over the place this term trying to adapt to a more positive learning but with little effect, I only realised about 4 days ago that I haven’t actually posted the last 3 of my blogs….WHY! I was so positive I had done, but when a mate emailed me asking had I stopped doing it? I had a look and realised….what’s wrong with me.

I really do need to get my head back into the game and sort myself out and with presentations coming up I am not a happy puppy.

Still feels pointless…
With a new term comes new ways to feel like “WHY GOD WHY!” Every term we come back ready to hand in work and get into the new grindstone handed to us. Yet bef
ore any of that we have the lovely joy of presentations. All throughout education the powers that be made you present things in a stupid ethic that “you’ll need it in the future” no I won’t.
School, present your piece of work to the class…cos it’s important. No it is not because I am never going to present an essay or a fucking math theory to anyone.
College, present a piece of work on culture...its important. No for the exact same reasons as before.
Now with uni…they say in industry you’ll have to present things, from the looks of things it’s rare that someone like me would. I hate attention especially social attention, makes me sick inside yet because the education authority deem it so, I must. This is basically rambling now but I feel I need to.

Now for something…completely different.
WORK THUS FAR!! So first term I was able to produce some half decent stuff and actually looking back on my first year wow…I am happy. My general work has improved not heavily but in a good chunk, I have more understanding of 3d modelling from just churning through things, a better understanding for digital painting and concentrating on detail through drawing from churning through bits and bobs and well…my writing and grammar still sucks, but it always has. I think last year I had very littl
e joy for my final outcomes but this year I look at them and feel pretty good with myself, not just a randomised image or asset. It has some planning behind it and some actual joy in doing it. Maybe that’s what I need, just to be careful with what I create (within obvious freedom) and enjoy what I go with.

My little fantasy chest where I only have one true complaint…the damn lid texture just wasn’t playing ball.

Wonderfully rubbish…in a good way. This was fun and got done pretty quick considering I didn’t have a clue how to do AO mapping.

And I won’t start throwing up a load of painting work cos it’ll be mind numbing for us all...so heres a little link for ya if you do wish to see the bits.







Comments welcome lol

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