Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Oooo scary…in both senses?

Starting off on our group projects this week, so far it’s been alright and a good mix of interested people and interesting ideas. I’m hoping to shall we say flourish through this task as ideally I’d like to become an environment artist and this should be my “bread and butter” and also because I varyingly failed my last project of self portrait 3d modelling. I wish in one sense I was a lot better and more interested in character modelling but I’m more interested in the idea rather than the actual creation, plus I always feel like an environment is a nicer comfort zone.

The difficult task that stands before me (and us as a group) is the element of “what is this masterpiece going to look like?” The genre, plot and setting is our first hurdle to attack, with the ideas of several people beginning to come through it faces you with the challenge of possible undertaking an idea you’re not really into or even comfortable with but that’s life and we need to swiftly get over ourselves and make a great game environment. The genre setting, which is a horror/thriller style itself isn’t the problem, it’s more along the lines of area of choice within the queens building and how you can apply a well thought-out plan to it as well as know where your artistic licensing needs to stop.
Still, full steam ahead into it and luckily it’s a democracy not a dictatorship.

I’m going to be using the HavocOnToast blog as a release onto this project rather than use our group based one mainly because this is more of a personal task area.

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