Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Blabbering concepts and tutorials…

Well looking over this article I thought it would be an enjoyable and useful read…clearly not. The concept planning was really inspiring towards how my process of work happens. I do tend to rush into something with little of a background idea or reference. I try to use any reference I have to create a piece of art but tend to drift away from it. Looking at the actual article I found myself dazing in and out of it, there was too much babbling and constant re-occurring information. It felt more like an ego boost than actual information.
This became an annoyance while trying to take in useful information, I wanted to really take it all in and use it but afterwards I felt like I hadn’t seen anything. The work of composition and layouts was one thing I mainly wanted, and the idea that “If it doesn't work at the size of a postage stamp, it won't work at any size.” made sense, we work from small thumbnails to then create a larger more detailed piece of art. My process with these thumbnails is to find shape and form that is aesthetically pleasing so I am able to expand on it, only problem is that I don’t really take the composition into consideration, I just look n draw something I like. She also talks about white being “crack” I can completely understand this because it’s the colour that just draws you in, even if I stand alone BOLD red/blue/orange is there with a bit of pure white, you still become a sucker for it. Now last but not least is the symmetrical issue’s, not having a main focus point bang smack in the middle with this type of art? YES THANK GOD, I find that people when making something throw their idea in the middle of the page and then think “I’ll just fill in the blank space now.” It’s tiresome, sometimes its needed i.e. a character portfolio/portrait, useful to see detailing and let the character stand out cause that’s what you NEED people to be attracted to (at least there are somethings I can take away with me). It also surprised me that that painting took 35 hours, there is a lot of detail within the main subject (lady) but the majority of it seems like it was done with custom styled brushes and photoshop magic. Even saying the lady and two trees up front took 10-15 hours, that still means 20 hours have gone into the background and midground, then again I could be very wrong. The process obviously started with a nude model painting, with shapes created for the trees, on top of these details were added and built upon. Right thinking about it I am wrong, with the amount of detailing that was in the simple nude painting I can understand where those hours went. The work itself was really nice, the mood and story does shine through this art and obviously the theory that this woman has shown works effectively enough for her. Just wish there was more on the “how to” and “hopefully this will help” reading there for me.

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