Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Look at that...thoughts on a second year

It’s been a long time since writing well, anything to be fair, especially these blogs.
I found the blog tasks to be more of a relaxing opportunity within my work sessions, allowing me to reflect on the area of games industry instead of trying to batter through some 3d model or art.

My first year…was mediocre for many reasons. On one side I found myself doing the work for the main reason of passing and on the other side I found that I didn’t have much guidance and now in the second year I start to realise why. It all needs to be about ME, and for the right reason, I MUST GET A JOB AT THE END! The mothering of stan
dard education makes you into the next sardine in a tin, box standard if you wish. I need to be able to know what I want from this course, how I can achieve it and how I will execute it.


Easier said than done though, especially when I don’t know what I really want to be. This is quite a dangerous situation, especially when this is the time I have to develop myself into that role.

The thought of having to know where I should be after graduation even what path I need to take to get there really throws me off course. I know I don’t want this to be a wasted three years so that I end up working somewhere random not using this degree. I really wish I did know where my ambitions lay at this point in time but, I don’t really have a main goal. I’d love to work in the games industry (kinda the point) but even working somewhere in which I use my skills from these three years would be a joy. Our critical studies sessions seemed to show that some people do have these goals and that others seem to have a completely different perspective on the situation. Thinking along the lines of a “job” it seems that I have to get a plan set in stone ASAP.
I’ve looked at a couple of job descriptions around the UK mainly and most of the worry me. As an example here is Hunted Cow Studios position with this description;

This is pretty much what we do at the moment, great? No, of course it’s a job, but from the look of it they’re a studio who produce games that don’t get finished, and one was a chess MMO which…makes no sense. Still, thinking that something like this is not working and it’s what we are doing worries me A LOT. I know that this course is simply meant to show us the basics and we should be taking our own initiative to develop with a portfolio that will get me a job. But with the work we get given I feel I can’t do this. I am stuck between I NEED TO DO WORK and I NEED TO START MAKING THINGS RELEVANT TO INDUSTRY.
The obvious answer from everyone will be “just work faster”, “do more in your spare time.” This is what I try to do but again with the work I find myself going back n forth and then not having time to do things to help me develop.

Concerned much? Yes, very much so, I need to think some more on the prospects of what is needed from me to land a good job and then make a battle plan forth with, as it was said the backwards thinking from;
Ideal Job

Role Requirements
What do i need to get this job?

What needs to be in my portfolio for me to be able to get this job?

Personal Improvement
What skills and development do i need to get a good portfolio
allowing me into the right job

what do i want to do?
Simple enough...right?

(My apologies mike for the rambling)