Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Next year?

I’ve enjoyed my first year here and feel that I’ve been able to develop and learnt a lot, previous to this course I knew nothing about 3ds max and now I have the basic understanding of it. It goes the same for the visual design part of the course as well, I was obviously seen good enough to be allowed on to this course and through it my skills have truly developed. Looking back on the work I had done in college I can see how much I have gained from Chris’s teaching including the detail of work, rendering skills and development of work and its process. Mikes critical study sessions have been enjoyable, nice and relaxing, I think it’s good that we have been able to talk about the industry, work and all the other issues covered, it’s great to see another side other than the visual and 3d work. I suppose everyone will be saying roughly the same thing, but I guess that if you didn’t feel like this you wouldn’t want to be here right now would you?

Now for next year, with game production I would like to see more tutorials on modelling, texturing, mapping, all of it as you said integrate it into a more formal system. This would allow us to develop our work more outside of lectures and also look back on details we can use outside of heathers sessions; we can learn to go further with techniques and processes by analysing them and trying to find other routes of creation. Also I understand that this year we have been taught the basics of 3d modelling and our briefs have been set to work alongside this, but for the continuing year I’d like to see tasks that fit into this generation of games design, have projects that ask us to create models that can be used in consoles/games today instead of past generations. I say this as from the talk of students that went over to the GDC and spoke with members of the industry and from research I have seen its seems that we should be pushing ourselves to create such pieces of work, maybe I’m wrong and pushing things before we are ready. With the visual design aspects I would like a variation of tasks between the traditional art and digital art as it seems that digital art is a major part of the industry and a skill we should know and begin to develop. Obviously we should be trying to make ourselves better outside of your lessons but to have that focus inside of education as well is a great thing to have. The idea of more sculpting and craft work would be nice, allowing us to develop even more art skills other than 2d design.

Over the summer (like most) I want to continue developing my skills in all these areas, but as Chris spoke about, tasks we could do over the summer break would be nice, simply because allowing us to have a brief keeps me focused on what my limits to what the end product must be. It would also keep me on top of doing more work over the summer and make sure I don’t get sloppy entering the second year.
I feel as if this has just been a rant but these are the things I’d hope to see entering the second year of this course, I’m sure most of it is, and I’ve pretty much suggested nothing, if so I’m a happy bunny.

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