Tuesday, 20 April 2010

My future?

Before coming to uni I just wanted to go into a career based around “art”, something I’ve always enjoyed and I saw no point in going through a career I would hate. I didn’t have an exact goal but I knew the area I wanted to be a part of, the choice I made to come to this game art course came from the thinking that within our life technology and entertainment has grown astronomically, be it working in games, film, TV, whatever. This course is obviously meant to teach you what you need to get into the games industry (well it is called GAME art) but with the skills we will obtain from it that’s not the only road you can take.

I still am in that pattern of not knowing what I actually want for myself, I would love to work in games, I truly would but that’s not always going to be an option, between the economy and how well I can progress I need to personally understand what I can achieve. Like most things this will come from me working as hard as I can and having a passion to do it right! As we’ve talked about before does talent actually work or is it the persistence and practice that give you that so called talent? You can always be taught how to do something but to go further than this and to achieve a goal is entirely up to you.

This is what I want out of my three years here at DMU, I want to have the opportunity to learn and develop these skills, get to grips with what is expected to stick in your thumb and pull out a plum. People can do this by sitting next to a computer or going out every day and drawing mounds upon mounds of work but this is by having a support by working or having your family there to back you up. If I was to do this I don’t think I would be able to get what I’m getting out of this course, the guidance to start me on my way and the detailing that I can work to, a brief is what allows you to see the small goals that will get you your prize. I don’t have the distraction of lively hood thanks to our loans obviously I have to manage how I live alongside the course but it now allows me to concentrate solely on my work.

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