Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Mmmm sounds good.

Sound is a very important factor in games and films alike, without it games would become a lot less interesting. Music mainly helps the game by setting moods and scenes it even encourages you to fight more! For example, in modern warfare 2 you have a recognisable sound between normal battle modes and when the juggernauts appear, it sends you into a state of small panic, do you have a heavy rifle, best thing for me to have right now would be a barret 50 cal rifle as it takes them down easier or do i have enough explosives to kill it before it reaches this area? As soon as this music comes into play your thought pattern turns from concerning on other ai/npc’s and your sole concern is the juggernaut. It’s the same with other settings, such as the ending with bioshock 2, the music turns a lot softer and more melodic because Eleanor Lamb is looking back on her love for the big daddy and how much torture there has been in her life. This is to set into the zone of connecting with this character throughout the game, if the music was the same throughout this say half an hour session the feelings you have with this character would not seem the same because the “mood” is not corresponding to the music. The most well-known composer for games these days would have to be Marty O’Donnell, he was the man who composed the music for the Halo franchise, I guess the reason he has become so well-known is due to the massive halo following. The thought I have now is that because of its following, would any composer contracted to this project done this well? I really only notice two types of music in the halo games, but this could be that I HATE HALO with a passion. The music that has been created does in fairness fit into the game extremely well; it’s completely recognisable to halo and nothing else, this is a very uncommon thing in most games, the music will fit excellently to a game but will not be iconic (I think that’s what I mean). With mikes question concerning key sonic moments in gaming history, I don’t feel that music or even sounds from games stick with me on a large level after I’m done with them. Obviously there are certain sound that stick with you, sounds that on hearing them you instantly know where they are from i.e. the dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuun sound from Zelda when link opens a chest and finds an item, KNOWN! Even the Pok√©mon battle music it’s not changed since red and blue. This i suppose is one of those things that doesn’t need changing, if it’s not broke why fix it? The same goes for that good times inquiry, but I don’t think it’s the song that’s so amazing, it seems to be the bass line. Looking around it seems that around 60 songs leading up to the 00’s have that baseline tapped into the songs, if it works use it!

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