Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Liberal artists?

First off I don’t actually understand liberal arts, so this is now what I understand it to be; liberal artists are free to experiment and have a free boundary to create compared to other art styles. The confusing thing I found was that liberal art schools mainly teach languages, literature, philosophy, sciences and history. From this you then can go into an artist’s role, mainly based around commercial art, photography or arts therapy, yes…arts therapy. This is a basically being a psychologist that uses art as a method of therapy to help issues that are not able to be shown in other forms, best description would be;


Looking more into “liberal art” it seems that very little artistic jobs are the route forward, more often than not graduates with liberal art degrees will go into political science, languages, biological science, psychology or English (a wide term indeed). So my thought now from an hour ago WHY DOES THE DEGREE HAVE ART IN IT?
Art is initially known as what we do draw, paint, sculpt, create? But this also applies to fine art, illustration, photography, graphic design even fashion. This seems to be now turning into a hypocritical blog, I’ve said “create”, which technically can be shown in all those careers with liberal arts, but could a biological scientist “create” a games content? Do all the prep work make those 3d models? I’m guessing not as well as someone on our course.
Have I confused you yet? Most likely.

My argument is that if companies want people from liberal art backgrounds does this mean they want people who are good at “art” who don’t always see reality as the way something should look? Or do they want someone who has not been a slave to the standard tick box curriculum (Chris’s favourite attack method).
From these thoughts I guess that means they would want people like us, we are now being trained to sway from our curriculum taught ways and brought into a more developed and better way of “creating”. It seems that the freedom to make something that isn’t box pressed is what is needed, things we make out of our own methods and ideas with the skill we are still at the present, developing.

Some more info on the whole “liberal arts” careers


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