Tuesday, 20 April 2010

GDC rant.

Wow, a lot of stuff! It’s good to see that our intended industry is so manic and loved and that it’s not just about making a giant wielding blob monster game (just for you mike).
The main thing that’s great about the GDC is that it’s more about the people behind all the shiny shiny graphics, such as the IGDA which is mainly volunteers who try to help game developers in the work place and outside of it, trying to help the industry evolve and make sure that it can continue to flourish with work.
They say that their code of conduct is based around these three points;

To promote the growth of our industry and the growth of creative endeavours.
To ensure a professional standard of workplace environment for all development.
To publicly establish and communicate our standards as media professionals.
(More on this at http://www.igda.org/about)

Alongside Scrum Masters Course which is intended to help improve development of work and workplace environments that get affected by the credit crunch, a 2 day course that lends a helping hand, only thing I find odd is that they charge $1500 for seating, not so much the helping hand I thought it to be. As well as the IGF, Game Connection and the Tutorial sessions it seems to be an amazing opportunity for people working or aiming to work in the industry.
I think I find the work by the IGDA the most interesting here, odd I thought it would be something that was actually game related rather than people related.

Looking at what the IGDA try to work with and their goals I have two thoughts, first off this is basically our industries union, they handle the issues concerning safety of employees in workspaces and make sure that they are correct, they advocate the right that the games industry should not be treated differently from any other media driven economy and lobbying which is CRAZY.
Lobbying is basically the practice of influencing governments on decisions they make concerning laws, with games its mainly surrounded by the whole, “I did it cause I saw it in a game” which really means “I’m a bell end.” The majority of the laws fought I guess were not that bad, saying that a game with nudity or extreme violence should by minimum have a age rating system, this is fair, it saves any issues that could come back and bite you because a system has placed an order in affect and the companies have stuck to it. Then again I don’t know anyone that’s ever been asked to show id for a game, nor a film saying that.
A small rant there, but it’s like most kinds of “influential” Medias or more so on everyone becoming so anal. Take my cinema trip a few weeks ago, a woman actually felt she had to complain to me because I said crap in front of a her daughter who looked around 11, now had i said shit, fuck, bollock, I’d say fair play but the word crap….i don’t understand how you can be so retarded, is it because the worlds become so P.C? Or because they are led to believe they are better than you? Who knows? Going back to the issues with the IGDA I think what I’m trying to say is that you need some kind of shield in media these days because people will always want some kind of scape goat.
The second thought is that it’s kinda worrying that they are trying to do this with only volunteers, surely if this is such an important thing for the industry to have; other companies would be investing to keep the products, studios and games flowing. Then again this whole issue could be simpler than I’m thinking, it could simply be that the industry has grown significantly over the last few years and the IGDA are still trying to start up?

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