Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Creativity re-visited

After the last one of these I thought that maybe I went along the wrong path, did I try to explain what creativity is or just what I thought it might be? I really do find putting a pin on this a real nightmare, there’s no definitive way of saying yes or no, but I think that creativity now lays in bed with the consumer, maybe even sneak off to play with the trend at the time. As I can only give what I think as an answer I asked some people what they saw as creative games, they all seem to come back with things like “oh bad company is so like real, its intense” same kinda answers around modern warfare 2 and even sports games. The idea from this is that realism in a virtual state is seen in an unknowing eye as “creative” but that’s not what it should be, it should be known as what it takes to make something creative and then it to be viewed as such. If you really strip things down I guarantee that most games are exactly the same no differences yet the “talent” of game developers allows them to become something totally different. Take halo and mass effect, first off very different, scrape the first layer of juicy, moreish settings, then you get people in a fantasy setting shooting aliens, if you want to take some more off you got me kill you, me walk past you, me win!

Which essentially is all FPS games even RPG’s, what makes these games so entertaining is the level of creativity piled on in thick slabs; plot, visual materials, settings, the ability to do unattainable things and to actually beat it. This is where creativity is most likely to be, the ability to take something and transform it into something else, allowing it to be a product that is wanted rather than a dust attracting fiend. This ideal applies to most forms of media; if a book is bland and uninteresting no one will read it, the creativity lies within what the subject matter is and how the writer is able to keep you glued to the pages. With film it lies within developing plots and ideas, using different camera shots and visual styles to keep the audience interesting and gripping their seats.

In a nut shell I think creativity is mainly applying ideas to an audience that will work, not remaking something exactly as previous titles. Knowing how to make an idea appealing and worth the time and effort to reach its potential goal.

I guess my idea of what creativity actually is hasn’t changed that much but I think my focus on where it comes from has matured. I have come to appreciate the process of creativity rather than the product it forms.

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