Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Alice, you let me down

Seeing as we have a week off thought I’d give a little write up on the new Alice in Wonderland.
Now going on the previous films of Tim Burton I was lead to assume this would be something…let’s say good, even the lead up and reviews was immense, very mislead I was.

Firstly I want to say the film was atrocious but I can’t there were I’d say maybe 4 points I laughed at but they weren’t major parts of a. the story line or b. the film. Hence why I can’t call it this, I can think of a number of films I would call bad, atrocious, grim, and deadly such as;
twilight (all of them) day breakers
kidulthood and adulthoodharry potter
and so on and so forth.

Anyways getting back to Alice, right from the start you are feeling that this is going to be bad, the girl playing the Alice character just annoys me nothing in particular stands out but she is just annoying, she seems to only have one facial expression, the whole lead up to her entering the rabbit hole is slow and snooooooooooore. It continues to disappoint as it drones along and the majority of the characters are pointless or have pointless attributes that continue to annoy me. I presume you understand my annoyance by now. The main thing I found interesting was the mad hatter, the style and character is good, and this could be because Johnny Depp makes his roles interesting or it could be that I found everything else so crap! A lot of it was also frustrated comedy, the white queen being so gentle and floaty was stupid, then when you saw her in areas with blood or low funny bits made you feel like leaving, then there is a stupid dance at the very end which I don’t even know what to say about it, it actually throws off my thought pattern because there was no need for it to be in anything. EVER!
I in respect to my soul asked for a refund because I just felt like I had hurt me by sitting there. I know this sounds very dramatic but it truly did piss me off.
I calmed myself down to think about the film in total and this is how I register that, saying this a small part of me thinks maybe it wasn’t this bad but because of the media hype and Tim Burton’s previous work I expected too much. Safe to say I won’t need to waste money buying this when it hits the stores.

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