Sunday, 24 January 2010

This is the industry 2010

The game industry has a had quite a good last quarter with the releases of modern warfare, uncharted 2, dragon age origins, assassins creed 2, left 4 dead 2, the saboteur and a lot more to come in the first quarter of 2010. From the amount of games being produced at the moment the industry seems to be doing fairly well.
I say this and then you look at comments by EA and blizzard;
EA’s European publishing boss, Jens Uwe Intat
“As the evidence continues to roll out on the extent of the challenge that 2009 faced the games industry, that the evidence clearly points to the wider economic situation finally hitting the industry - as opposed to the industry not living up to the increasingly higher expectations of gamers. If you look at the financial results of the specialist retailers, they're actually showing a decline on frontline goods, but increases on second hand goods, which I think actually proves the point that people are trying to be particularly cautious with how they spend their money. That's hitting us an in industry twice - because it means that people wait longer before buying the next-gen consoles, but also that they buy fewer new games per console.”
Blizzard had issues with sending games out before they were finished meaning that they lost money over the rush of sending out to sell. Things like this seem to set the industry back quite a bit.
There have also been some good issues with the industry in the last year such as new studios like sledgehammer and AGO being set up and Australia having a total revenue in game sales of 2.05 billion AUD that’s £1.14 billion, so it can’t be all that bad.
The major issues facing the industry at the moment are sales based on the number of games being released. People are waiting longer to buy consoles and waiting to see what other games come out due to the credit crunch/recession we are in. In turn this means companies are having to budget on some projects leaving them behind in the dirt.
These issues can have a major impact on its future, without sales hitting the heights they wish them to fewer games are being made. If this continues eventually companies will be releasing 2-5 games a year and having to cut away at the talent and even the studios that have done well so far. Not only does this affect the companies and its employees, it also affects us, the consumer. Without top notch games being released we will end up losing the interest in wanting games and leave us with the void of boredom and in time ignoring games.

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