Saturday, 9 January 2010

Thats how you play

What is gameplay? From the reading it becomes, all the players’ experiences during the interaction with games and this is probably the simplest way to put it. Gameplay is a very important factor for games essentially for the players rather than the designers, initially it needs to play well for the customers to enjoy it but this also effects the companies as they need to make money.
With out this interaction within games, they become too linear and familiar which kills off surprises that you didn’t expect off the game and the enjoyment you receive from interacting with the environments on another level. Gameplay itself is important because it affects the story and characters within the game, movements, actions and reactions off the environment and AI. The levels of want and enjoyment would drop a hell of a lot if it was removed because it would affect all of this. Peter Molyneux said, “Players should be able to directly affect the games world, immediately and specifically, as well as indirectly over time.” This is a very good quote concerning games like fallout and fable, choices within gameplay allow you to change the entire direction of a game. These two are great examples as they both come with the karma choice factor, to be good or to be evil will in turn allow you to do certain missions or quest while others cannot be done. While interaction is constant in games these areas allow you to become more connected with your characters and worlds! People do throw the world gameplay around as how the missions or levels in a game work, but i think they really talk about the story itself, as in not what you make happen but what’s going to happen anyway. I think I’m right anyway, maybe it’s all one thing and we are cutting it down into smaller chunks to be more anal with it.

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