Saturday, 9 January 2010

Mmmm technology

If ergonomic design was such a major issue wouldn’t it have been adjusted before we had that atrocious dreamcast controller? That thing was a monstrosity.
Consoles and controllers will always be developed and the attempts to make them better may work, but at this point in time I don’t think we have a major issue with them. The Xbox has obviously adjusted there controllers to a more comfortable hold but the original ones weren’t bad, playstation seem to understand that there isn’t a need to change as for 3 generations of console, no one’s complained. Wii on the other hand have kinda gone mad, the wiimote it evil, looking at the sensor on the screen I feel like I’m having a stroke.
People may think its ergonomics making consoles look different but it isn’t, the reason things look like this is because they appeal to our want of nice shiny possessions. Be honest and think if the xbox360 or ps3 looked like a retarded potato, would you still want it? OF COURSE NOT why would someone want to own that! For example, the Xbox looked like it had come from a construction site but it worked so why change it? Because people did not like how it looked, everyone would constantly moan about it, not the power of it or the games but its look.
The nicest easiest console I owned? Well nicest looking with interface and all would have to be the ps3 I loves it, but the easiest to use? I don’t understand how a console becomes hard to use? I think the only irritating things now with consoles are all the extra add ons, twitter? Sky? WHY! It seems that companies are trying to integrate consoles with pc, it’s not like people still sit in the dark with candles and if they do I doubt they own a console of any kind! Nether the less I think easiest console to use that I owned would be the sega master system, clunk game in, turn on. SIMPLES!!!!!
The joystick is not dead! I highly doubt it will! We have two joysticks now! The joystick is the best thing to happen concerning games; it helps with movement and control, more so than a d-pad the d-pad is more linear where as the joystick or rather thumbstick if we want to get p.c about it, is free and crazy. Technology will always grow and try to improve itself, it may not seem like it but it will constantly try to outdo its predecessors.

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