Saturday, 9 January 2010

Design me a game!!

Like everything else games need order and structures to turn them into a worthwhile product. Without a design it becomes nothing, the process is simple enough. You first need to look into what genre of game you are trying to create, once you have this as a base you start to build the actual foundations of a game. These include platform, the target audience, time scales and the budgets; if you were to look past these they would come to bite you in the ass later on.
The reason I guess these elements are so important early on in the design process is so that you know what you are planning to finish with, if you tried to randomly create something taking things into account as they appear within the project your final product would be messy and most likely a piece of crap.
The design of the game takes everything into account, as well as the basic things it looks at art style, audio content, control, storyline, game mechanics, programming, selling the game and more. It all needs to be seen as a plan of attack before anything is even attempted, something’s would obviously not affect the games programmers, artists and creators but as a product they would.
The process and how it happens is all concurred within a design team, it’s not the sort of thing one person could do. It’d take more than one person’s ideals and image to create something that is entertaining and yet fitting to an audience, what one person believes to be true glory could be seen as another’s damnation. I don’t believe it takes a certain type of person to create a game in a genre it takes a team to determine what’s good and what’s not good for the game and the audience, although you could argue that some are more suited to control a specific genre than others, I guess it all depends on what people are capable of. Personally I have no single preferences it’s more of a collective, I find it irritating to find games with fantastic storylines yet not a good enough game play to sit there and enjoy it, and vice versa. I need a game that I can lose myself in; entertainment can only take you so far to happiness.

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