Saturday, 9 January 2010

Creativity eh?

This one is quite a throw in the dark, asking us to see what we think is a creative purpose? Or how it actually can be creativity? Hmm good one.
Everyone sees creativity as their own personal achievement and also so many people have different ideas of what is actually creative, I don’t see the halo franchise as creative but I guarantee thousands do. The other thing to take into account is that everything within a system has a form of being creative, within a game all the areas will have to have some creative natures to work, the story, the style, the modelling, the environments it’s more about the parts than the actual entity.
To try and class creativity is a very hard thing, even to try and see where a border lies between creativity and generic crap is a difficult thing, like the point I raised before it’s all a point of view and personal choices. Obviously when looking to create something that is intended for an audience it’s not a personal choice but a choice made by people you will never meet or talk to.
Can you even call something creative in a world where things are truly and mainly adapted rather than formed? Like most things it’s a 50/50 question and most likely will always be one.
I see creativity as something that is visually pleasing and above all the rest, something that stands out and can be seen as near perfection, simple enough no? If people were to look up “creativity” as simple things, would creativity become non-existent? As they would not be anything special it would be along the lines of quantity over quality and this is wrong! The whole point is that we need this to be a special thing to make us go “wow.....I love it“ it allows us to want more and to push ourselves further!
As an artist I see creativity as trying to reach something I haven’t done before, making things better by viewing others work and seeing how it compares. Seeing that my work is doing something rather than being scraps, I don’t think i see much of my work as creative as i’m still trying to gain more experience and learn as much as i can to better my skills and views of work. My view on how my work can be seen as creative would be from comments off people like Mike, Heather, Chris and Jack and even peers or people who do similar work. I’ve never really seen my work as something great but that’s most likely from the fact i look at the negative views before i look at things positively. This sort of thing would obviously affect what i view as creative and is something i hope to work on, in a nutshell i think creativity is something that you enjoy or get excited about, it makes you think more into it and not to see it as another generic film, painting, book or game.

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