Saturday, 9 January 2010

Build me a character!

I don’t think I’ve read a book in about 6 years well not properly anyways, but I can understand the connection with characters from films and games. Without characters a story is nothing, without good characters a story is only as good as its scenery. Film makers create characters that the viewer can either respond to or despise its human nature to want something that is unattainable. In a sense we transcend into the film connecting to the whole environment, it’s the same with games, we interact with it so much we become connected to it. As I said previously I was really annoyed when the character ghost died in modern warfare 2, the strange thing is that once you think about it you realise you didn’t play as that character so it wasn’t like something you were constantly using was gone he was just always in the missions as you went through the game. I believe they set certain characters up that seem invincible and then at the last second take them away, to make you more on edge and fuel more emotion towards the remaining characters and issues. It still amazes me that afterwards you contemplate these issues yet never overcome them, there will be other film, game and characters in books that we will attach ourselves too and draw the same conclusions. Growing and death seem to be the two major connectors, you watch a character grow and blend more and more into the environments creating that attachment then its broken by the death or betrayal of that character. I don’t really know what kind of stories im most attached to its a strange question, so many genres and plots intertwine its uncanny. Nearest i can think would be fantasy, an escape route from reality you can place yourself somewhere in which none of your troubles or thoughts can clash because they don’t exist here.

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