Saturday, 9 January 2010

Be my artistic director

An art director is the person who leads the visual designers of games to create what is needed for final production. It seems that before you can even think of becoming an art director u need as a bare minimum of 5 years work within the artist side of the gaming industry or some other kind of art job that includes technical arts. Their job is to lead the visual design team, evaluate the process thus far and talk about what needs improving, changing or if they need to change the direction completely, they also need to work along the guidelines of what the audience needs to see and then apply what is visually appealing. Comparing this type of work to the work of a cinematic art director i don’t think there is much difference, they both need to plan and create work that is visually pleasing to a certain type of audience. Most of the initial planning done on both sides would lead along the same process, looking for the most amazing outcome for that certain scene, level or character.
Seeing as it takes time and mainly experience to become an art director I’m guessing a lot of work and perspective would have to change. As your now not only contributing but leading a team that are creating something you partially control you need to be able to understand it’s not what you want and so they must make it! It’s actually you leading them to create an amazing piece that will sell and keep people interested, your evaluation of work would need to be decided not by your own personal choice but by what is good for the product and the company you work for as they get you your cheddar.

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