Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Is this what they call Journalism?

New journalism and New games journalism were completely off my radar, never knew they existed! To be honest I just thought journalism was all the same, after looking at the NGJ manifesto and several other articles it clearly shows how ignorant I am.
The whole objectivity versus subjectivity view is something I found very interesting, the fact that changing from one perspective of writing to another can have such a major outcome difference.
Once you pass the ideas of how each style effects the article, you can see the issues that affect not only how and what the author has to work with to create the article but also how all this affects the reader.

First off, time limitations! 19 days!! 19 DAYS! This is all these writers get to complete an entire magazine, how much strain is that to filter through all the mess and gold that they have compiled?
Not only do they have to sieve through all the materials they have gathered, they then have to think about what do we, the audience, want/need to know about? The next factor that seems to then complicate things even more is the intriguing style of the article, subjective or objective views? It's a 50/50 argument with objective/subjective ranking systems as NGJ is based around opinion and relevance to the reviewer rather than on stated facts. Saying this you don't want to be sitting there reading an article where they just slate a game because it's not on a certain console or that it's not got giant sword wielding cavemen, so facts are a must. it also brings to mind the issue of how else would u rank a game? Scores usually help persuade readers or viewers on their opinion to go out and buy that game!
A lot of game magazines like EDGE have gotten rid of the ranking system and go on the notion or saying things like "if u want to run around blowing stuff up then it's a sure buy or if u would rather some kind of complex story and mass variety than we suggest you look elsewhere!
These types of "scoring" are only effective with a relevant and understandable review, if you're going through a bunch of facts then trying to say this you're going to sound like a douche!

I find the idea behind the NGJ writing style more enjoyable and personal to both the reader and writer, the fact that they give an opinion based on their experience and not just some facts the companies and developers have sent them more warming, anyone can write an article based on standardised facts, when u get something that is clearly from the writer going through the games for hours nit picking around all it has to offer it seems more like a conversation rather than being told its good or bad because "
they" told us it was
This then links back to the thought of "
who pays their wages" US OBVIOUSLY! If no one bought magazines or read these articles then they wouldn't have a job now would they. So the subjectivity writing seems to work in more ways than one, it allows us to seem on the same level rather than being ordered upon to buy something hence why we like it and then read more allowing these people to hold jobs =] (yes...ramble).
Personally my writing grammar is atrocious! , I've always had issues with it but these blogs seem to be on the levels or subjectivity, which is good!
It's more a space to think out loud rather than write what has to be written because a text book says so.

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