Monday, 19 October 2009

Gaming for the 80's kids

Take two! This area of game history has a lot going on, the release of home console usage, mainstream genres being created, handheld gaming, online gaming, the market crashing and third generation console creation!


This era was the true birth or gaming, it started moving from the local arcades and public areas in to more and more homes all over the world. Companies dedicated to the design and creation of games were also being formed like EA. Around the UK at first most games were played on the ZX Spectrum, which was seen as the first mainstream computer that became popular at home rather than at workplaces. In America the same thing was happening but there were more options of what you wanted to get, the apple II, Commodore 64 and Atari 800. It's odd that only some could be released in certain countries, considering the information mike graced us with (American thief's), why would it be an issue to give us some more tech to mess with?
Continuing swiftly, online gaming! Today it's crazy for a game not to come with some link to the online community either in pc or console based games. But the first statement of having online live network games were usually text-based bulletin sites where you would type out actions and commands, card games like blackjack were also becoming popular online, people would play for the points system rather than actual money. You can't send money through a phone line....that's just silly.
Next we have the handhelds, the game and watch by Nintendo was a massive breakthrough back in the 80's and most likely took that pretty penny from you. You see these now in shops being sold for a few squid, as with everything else we have evolved! Later on in the 80's the first Gameboy was released and to this day have sold 118.69 million units around the world, crazy crazy times.
Before the third generation NES and Sega Master System were released and made us feel all gooey inside the market for video games just went down the drain, it crashed. This was mainly due to companies making games they thought were AMAZING and clearly..they weren't. Games like Pac-Man just didn't interest people who owned consoles as it had been played in arcades for a long time before hand. Then there's the legendary E.T game, where you had to collect pieces of a phone home? Yes, phone home. The best thing about this game was that once you dropped into one of the holes on the screen and fell to the bottom there was no way of getting back out, so the game was actually retarded, the people who made we're most likely baboons, HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS AND THEN TRY TO MARKET IT? IT DOESN'T WORK!
(Ramble over)
Games that were awesome in the 80's (or rather games i like from this age)
Duck Hunt, Megaman, TMNT, Shinobi, Wonderboy in monster land.

Gotta love the artwork <3

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