Monday, 12 October 2009

GAMEESSS!! The 1950's-1970's

It's strange to think that today we use video games as a source of entertainment yet the first classified video game was a missile defence systems created in the late 1940's to test missile attacks.
Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr and Estle Ray Mann where the men to create this device called the Cathode-ray Tube Amusement Device, although its "classed" as the first video game most of it couldn't be drawn electronically so they had to use clear sheets of plastic to draw the targets they wished to hit and then place that over the screen.
It seems that between 1949 and 1958 all "computer games" were only created through people messing around with the new technology, tic-tac-toe, HAX and mouse in a maze were all created to test the capacity of the new computers.
The first actual video game that would be used for entertainment value was tennis for two, created by William Higinbotham. It was placed in the Brookhaven National Laboratory for visitors to use while they were waiting around, this game was the predecessor of pong, unlike pong you had to hit the ball over a net in the middle and the ball was more based on how real tennis balls bounce on a court. After this more and more productions around the video game genre began, Spacewar!, Corndog, Space Travel and of course Pong.
All these men were physicists, yet they all had a hand in starting something that has gripped people for years, taken us away from games outside and left us sitting in our rooms endlessly trying to achieve something that actually, isn't that important? OH HOW WE STILL LOVE IT!!
Yet today no physicist would dare make a computer game, why would they? That's what we're here to do!
The first game I actually remember playing was duck hunt on the NES, simple enough game use the brick like orange/grey gun to shoot all those escaping ducks! I must have only been around the age of 5/6 but it was sooo amazing!!!
I then moved onto the Sega master systems where I took endless hours of my life to complete sonic, Golden Axe and Shinobi, this I guess is where my true addiction began, Sega was awesome until the Dreamcast came and basically looked like Sega had said "we can't really be asked to make these anymore." Geee thanks!
The most recent game I've been playing is Left 4 Dead as I am consoleless at this point in time *sadface* but I'm also a pc game junkie, easier to kill those special people running round the maps with my trusted mouse!

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